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Monday, February 5th 2018, 3:04pm

Mikroevent 06.02 - 08.02.18

Ave Gladiatorer!

Vi vil ha nye mikroevent. Det innebærer følgende bonus':

+20% sjanse for dropp av gjenstander
- 20% kostnader for trening ( ACTIVE on s11 ONLY!)
Ingen tap av varighet i fangehull
1.25 sjanse for suksess i smie
- 20% varighet i smie
+10% Smie hjelper dropp-sjanse
+10% Smie oppskrift dropp-sjanse
+10% Smie råvarer dropp-sjanse

//Ditt Gladiatus Team


+20% Item drop chance
-20% Training costs ( ACTIVE on s11 ONLY!)
No Durability loss in dungeons
1.25 times forging success
-20% Forge Duration
+10% Forge Helper Drop Chance
+10% Forge Recipe Drop Chance
+10% Forge Resources Drop Chance


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Monday, February 5th 2018, 5:50pm

Please note that the buff '-20% Training costs' will only run on the newest server (s11).

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